This tour appeals to gourmets and adventurers alike because, after an initial tour of the baroque town of Modica, it is followed by a visit to the nature of the Cava d’Ispica. Modica, with its characteristic division into upper and lower parts, offers the tourist beautiful views thanks to its belvedere, but also excellent food, through the flourishing of many typical restaurants offering exquisite dishes with traditional ingredients.

The second phase of the tour focuses on the Cava d’Ispica, a river valley that carves out the Hyblean plateau, home to a rich history dating back to prehistoric times. The valley in question has, in fact, over the centuries and millennia been the crossroads of various peoples who have left their mark. Prehistoric necropolises, Christian catacombs, rock oratories and evidence of dwellings and monasteries from prehistoric times to 1300 AD are preserved among the Mediterranean scrub.